Levetkőzött 100 nő, hogy megmutassák, az emberi test különleges

Egy amerikai fotós, Amy D. Herrmann készülő könyvéhez keresett alanyokat, olyan nőket, akik meg merik magukat fehérneműben mutatni a világnak. Minden hegükkel, hibájukkal együtt...

“A legjobb az egészben, amikor meglátják a róluk készült fotókat, és abból közösen kiválasztjuk, melyik kerüljön majd a könyvbe” – mondta a fotós, Amy D. Herrmann. Az üzenet természetesen az, hogy szeressük magunkat, és ne érezzük magunkat szörnyen azért, mert nem úgy nézünk ki, mint a magazinok címlapján szétretusált tökéletes emberek.

Bátor nők, akik valóban példát mutatnak. Most komolyan, gondoljatok bele, ti kamera elé mernétek állni?


Underneath I am “Fierce” I have been debating with myself since the shoot if I would show or post my photo on my page for people to see. Yes, I know it is going public anyway and will end up in a book, but to post it here and to show the people who know me is a real challenge to my comfort zones. I have also had some recent challenges mentally that I am still fighting my way through; they made the decision to participate much harder but also more important to me. I was inspired by the words of fellow participant, Ruby, and her posting of her photo, so I decided to ‘Just Do It’. 2016 was a year to challenge my comfort zones and participating in UWAW by Amy Herrmann was/ is a huge deal for me and pushed my comfort zones a number of times. I considered backing out so many times even on the day of the shoot, but I was constantly reminded by a friend this was not just for me, but I would also be helping others. So even though I was unsure and recently going through a rough time mentally, I pushed through my comfort zones and my doubts and it was totally worth it. This image of me makes me feel nervous. I can portray a confident and extroverted person to those around me, but in reality that is not who I am and certainly not when it comes to my body image. There are many things about myself I do not allow people to see. Like many women I don’t have a positive body image of myself. As a person with a disability I wanted to challenge society’s perception of the disabled body image and the idea it is something to be covered up, hidden, seen as unattractive and to be fixed. These are the reasons why I love this project so much. Challenging ideas. Amy is challenging, no, correcting us as a society, showing us that no matter what we look like no matter our size, shape, challenges, differences, beliefs we are all the same. Underneath we are all women. I look at this image of me and I cannot help but see all the things I don’t like, the things I am uncomfortable with. But I now also see a ‘Fierce’, brave person; I see strength and growth happening. Please support this Awesome project go to the Kickstarter and donate even the smallest amount. (LINK IN BIO)

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Underneath I am..VIBRANT ???????????????????? My body – all six foot of it – hasn't changed all that much since I was 12 years old. I spent most of my younger years trying to shrink into invisibility. I didn't want to stand out, be stared at or get any extra attention. I've suffered an eating disorder, largely at the hands of the modelling industry. And underneath my confident, positive exterior I've had ongoing issues with at-times-crippling anxiety. I've heard everything from “you're too tall” to “you're too happy” to “you should try plus-size modelling” – you cannot judge a book by it's cover people, you will never know the story inside if you do. Every body is beautiful and every freckle, hair, blemish, scar and wrinkle is a trophy to be proud of! ???? Our bodies do so many wonderful things for us – let's stop punishing them for it ???????????????? 100 women. 100 stories. We need your help to make this dream a reality and to spread diversity and acceptance as far as it will reach! #regram via @carolynuphill Make your pledge via our #Kickstartercampaign (LINK IN BIO) #acceptance #loveyourself #loveothers #bodypositive #bodylove #dontjudgeme #modelsarerealwomentoo #bodypositivity

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••UNAPOLOGETIC•• “I've had a storm in my mind over the last few days. Conflicting emotions; some good, some not. I thought hard about whether I wanted to actually post this full image from the @underneath_we_are_women campaign. I'm smiling in this photo – I think it's a wonderful portrayal of my personality and general attitude. I was smiling, but I was also terrified as this was being shot. As much confidence as I may exude and portray to the world in my everyday life, the reality is I've harboured quite strong feelings of resentment toward my own body for a lot of my life. Feelings, I think, which are a reflection of society's deeply internalised attitude towards the disabled body; that it is unattractive, undesirable, shameful, broken and that it should be changed, fixed or covered up. When I note that it's not in fact my stomach or my arms or my hips that I find it difficult to look at, or that I'm wearing almost nothing, some people may be surprised. It's my legs and feet. They're swollen as a result of lipoedema and look different because of my disability. I've been very good at hiding them from the world for years. Facing the pressures placed upon women to conform to idealised standards of beauty has been somewhat easier for me than it has been for me to live in this world as a woman with a physical disability. This is why I have decided to post this picture. It needs to be seen. I wish, as a little girl, I had seen something like this. A disabled role model telling me that I was allowed to love myself, that I didn't have to hide, be ashamed of or apologise for my body. That I existed. I had to figure this out (for the most part) on my own, and at times it was incredibly lonely, traumatising and isolating. This shoot was incredibly liberating and has taken me a step further toward my self acceptance and ability to live unapologetically in this body and in this life. ????????✨???? Thankyou @underneath_we_are_women for pushing me to do this. You can learn more about and support her campaign here: kck.st/2b7VnTr #regram @rvbyallegra

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