Hogyan mondjuk angolul? – Elveszett a gyerek a strandon

Hogyan mondjuk angolul? – Elveszett a gyerek a strandon

Nyaralás előtt felturbózhatod velünk az angoltudásodat! Májusban minden héten 4 nyelvleckét találhatsz a Nők Lapja Cafén, melyek az 5perc Angol csapata segítségével készültek. A negyedik héten olyan hasznos párbeszédeket mutatunk szószedettel, amelyek a strandon lesznek a segítségedre.
A leckéhez tartozó hangfájlt itt találod!

Iratkozz fel a hírlevelünkre, mert a csütörtöki leckéket ott éred el elsőként!

Most pedig megtanulhatod velünk, hogyan kérj segítséget, ha a gyermeked eltűnt a strandon!

One moment your child is digging in the sand, the next he or she is gone. When his parents realize it, they feel a shiver of panic. At the height of the summer season, many kids get lost each day on the beach. What to do if your child is missing? Report it as soon as possible to the lifeguards so that they can contact the lifeguard base to seek help and make an announcement so concerned beachgoers could help find the missing child. If your child is smart (and old) enough he or she can seek help alone, and ask somebody to help him or her finding the way back to his or her family. In this case, you’ll hear an announcement like this:

“Hello everybody. We have a lost boy named Peter, who was found on the playground, and he’s looking for his mom and dad. He’s five years old, and he’s wearing blue trunks and a white baseball cap. You can find him at the check-out counter at the main exit, right next to the ice-cream van.”


Az 5perc Angol és az NLC korábbi nyelvleckéit itt találod!

The good news is that most kids are reunited with their families in less than half an hour. You don’t have to worry about ocean depth and currents much either as lost kids are almost never swimming or playing in the water. They are usually walking along the shore or go across the street for a snack or just want to explore the line of shops, arcades and restaurants across from the beach.

Lifeguards say children also become disoriented in crowds and when the size of the beach changes as the tides roll in and out. It’s easy to get lost in a big crowd. Parents should point out landmarks for kids. Like, there is the Casino and our blanket is in front of that. Let them know where they can go for help.


Woman: Hello.
Lifeguard: Hello.
Woman: Could you please help me? I can’t find my daughter.
Lifeguard: Don’t panic! When and where did you last see her?
Woman: We were playing in the sand, like 5 minutes ago when her little brother started crying and I turned around to see what his problem was. When I turned back, I couldn’t see her any more.
Lifeguard: How old is she?
Woman: She is 5 years old.
Lifeguard: Could you describe her appearance and what she is wearing?
Woman: She’s got blond hair, blue eyes and she’s wearing a pink, polka-dotted bathing suit.
Lifeguard: What’s her name?
Woman: Her name is Jessica.
Lifeguard: All right. I’m going to make an announcement, and call my colleagues for help. Stay here, please, till I get back.
Woman: Certainly, and thank you very much.

Hogyan mondjuk angolul? - StrandszolgáltatásokAz 5perc Angol magazin júniusi számából!
A magazint itt rendelheted meg!

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