5 fitneszlány, akikkel testet cserélnék azonnal

Öt inspiráló fitneszlány, akiket érdemes követni Instagramon, ha éppen nincs erőd edzeni, ők meghozzák a kedved.

1. Emily Skye

Emily fitneszedző, az Instagramján edzésprogramokat is megoszt, és egyszerűen kicsattan az egészségtől.

Are you slogging away at the gym & eating healthy every day but don’t seem to be seeing any progress? You see yourself everyday so it’s hard to notice if you’re actually making progress or not! The best ways to monitor your progress is to go by how you look & how you feel and get a dexa scan to find out your BF%. Taking progress shots is a great way to track your progress! – Scales on the other hand are NOT a good indication of progress. Muscle weighs more per area than fat does so you may be getting heavier as you gain muscle but you’re actually getting smaller & leaner. I probably weigh myself a couple of times a year just out of curiosity. I don’t care about what I weight, I care about how I feel & how my body functions. So many people give up because they don’t see results but if they had have kept going they would have seen & felt results! These things take time & everyone progresses as different rates! If you really want to make a change then be consistent with your efforts. If you’re truly not changing then have a look at changing what you’re doing. Remember that this should be a lifestyle for you, something that you can maintain. “Harsh diets” and “quick fixes” will usually only give you unhealthy short term results and you may even gain more fat than what you began with once you go back to eating as normal again. That’s why I don’t agree with extreme diets, the only thing they usually achieve is metabolism damage, it makes people overly restrictive with their diet and obsessive with their training. They usually end up hating it because it’s not enjoyable, maintainable or healthy mentally or physically. My advice is to always have your own realistic goals when it comes to your health & fitness. Find meals you actually like & exercise you enjoy & make it a lifestyle. Change it up so you don’t get bored & surround yourself with positive like-minded people who support & uplift you. Don’t compare yourself with other people & their results. Your journey has nothing to do with theirs. Don’t beat yourself up if you slip & be proud of every step you take no matter how small it is. Stay committed & be consistent & always remember why you started! ????????

E M I L Y S K Y E (@emilyskyefit) által közzétett fénykép,


2.  Amanada Bisk

 Amanda a rúdtáncot cserélte jógára, most oktatóként dolgozik.


The difference between those who succeed and those who don't all comes down to who consistently shows up. No matter what. Everyone can have motivation and enthusiasm on a good day…but what happens when things start to work against you? It's easy to give up, to hide, to feel sorry for yourself and your situation… What's tough is being motivated & excited on your bad days. The truth is, these days are where it counts the most. They are the days that separate you from the rest. Your chance to work away & power on when most would think to quit. To succeed is to show up and fight. Even though everything & everyone might be telling you that you can't. Trust in yourself and your potential, and those bad days will become some of your biggest steps forward ???????? I know you are a fighter. ab❤️x #wordsbyamanda #freshbodyfitmind

Amanda Bisk (@amandabisk) által közzétett fénykép,

 3. Jeanette Jenkins

 Jeanette hollywoodi edző, hasizomban elég erős.


Saturday workout people!!!!!!! ???????????? ❤️The secret to achieving your GOALS is GETTING STARTED! ❤️ If you need a kick butt workout or some Saturday MOTIVATION then login to our club @hollywoodtrainerclub click #Exercise Then #VirtualGym And PRESS PLAY one of these 3 streaming #TotalBodyWorkouts for a high calorie burn ????????????and #totalbody #scuplting Yes #Arms #Abs #Legs #Back #Shoulders #Booty everything!❤️ ❤️1) #BlastTheBellyFat ❤️2) #BikiniBootcamp2 ❤️3) #CardioKickboxing You will feel amazing when you are done & your body will love you for it! I'm about to do #BikiniBootcamp2 right now! Get'er done! #SaturdayWorkout #HomeWorkouts #WorkoutChallenge #WorkoutMotivation #GetStarted #BetterTogether #JeanetteJenkins #TheHollywoodTrainerClub

Jeanette Jenkins (@msjeanettejenkins) által közzétett fénykép,

 4. Rachel Brathan

 Rachel utazik a világban, és közben jógázik. Irigyeljük.

Pink lake dancer. #salt #bonaire #yoga

Rachel Brathen (@yoga_girl) által közzétett fénykép,


This is is the spot where @dennisfromsalad and I shared our very first kiss. It's less than a kilometer away from our house. It was 2010 and I was in Aruba for vacation. I walked into his surf shop and he asked me out which really meant me tagging along to the surf and ending up watching him from the shore. Afterwards we were hungry so I suggested we go get something to eat. “Sure, wanna go to Wendy's?” he asked. I laughed out loud. Literally. “Funny guy!” I thought. I was vegan and had never set foot in a Wendy's. Or a Taco Bell. Even a Subway. Where I'm from fast food just isn't a thing. And having dinner with a handsome guy usually meant real food, maybe a glass of wine… At least utensils that aren't plastic. “Yea, er, totally kidding” he said nervously, pretending it was a joke. “Let's go”. ____________________________________________ We ended up getting Thai food and beers, talking for hours over cold Singha's and mediocre spring rolls. At the end of the evening neither of us wanted the night to end. So we went for a drive. We ended up here on this hill. It was a clear night and we laid down in the back of his truck watching the stars. I wanted him to kiss me, but things were complicated. For him too. “Maybe we'll see some shooting stars tonight” he said. “I've never seen one”, I replied. “Never?” “Never”. He reached for my hand. I remember thinking to myself; “If I see a shooting star right now… I'll kiss him”. ________________________________________________________ That night, we saw two.

Rachel Brathen (@yoga_girl) által közzétett fénykép,

 5. Tracy Anderson

Tracynek köszönheti Gwyneth Paltrow az alakját, mivel az ő edzésterveit követi a hollywoodi színésznő.



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