Mindkét lábát elvesztette, frenetikus humorával hódít a Tinderen

Jobban érzi magát a bőrében, mint a baleset előtt.

Mandy Horvath 26 éves, Missouriban él. Gyönyörű, vörösesszőke haja és frenetikus humora van. Világ életében modell szeretett volna lenni – aztán egy tragikus balesetben a vonat mindkét lábát levitte.

Mandy azonban összeszedte magát, és visszatért a Tinderre is: „Még mindig nincs lábam, még mindig zseniális a humorom, és még mindig nincs pasim” – írja a profilján, a fotón pedig a tolószékében látható, a híres mémre utalva következő szöveggel: „Csininek találtam magam, nemtom, később talán rágurulok a lábujjaidra.” Majd hozzáteszi: „Próbáltam egy vak sráccal randizni, de nem látta a fától az erdőt.”

Fotó: Mandy Horvath/Tinder

A balesete három évvel ezelőtt történt, mikor egy vonat elütötte. Valószínűleg partidrogot csempésztek aznap este az italába, mert az utolsó emléke az, hogy kimegy a szórakozóhelyről rágyújtani – aztán a kórházban tért magához.

Azóta, bár nehezére esik megbízni az emberekben, azért igyekszik nyitni. Kiderült, hogy a vak fiús történet tényleg igaz volt: „Nem volt túl nagy szerencsém a kapcsolatokkal, legutóbb például tényleg egy vak sráccal jártam, de megcsalt.”

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Post part 2: Last week I saw a picture and decided "I want to look like that girl." A trip to Michael's $11.99 and some random cutting later this is what we came up with for the first attempt. The entire process took several hours and isnt done perfectly for my neurotic side. I weigh LESS THAN 80lbs now cause I don't have legs..watching what I eat etc. However, even if I had them I would still be considered a PLUS SIZE model. Let that sink in. By the way, I've lost 25 lbs since August. Losing that 10 lbs won't change the way you choose to look at yourself ladies. Dont let society tell you how to look at yourself. The older photos are actually the very last photos taken of me with limbs..taken a week before that night in 2014. Growing up I wanted SO BADLY to be a #model and that was shattered to me. Models are 5"6 and taller right? I'm tired and sickened of your beauty standards, I speak for every woman who has felt less than beautiful from the labels of society. This, despite it not being perfect, is beautiful. It's beautiful because it is 100% me. My body. My scars. These pictures tell a story of manifestation and dedication to making your dreams come true. These pictures are just the beginning. I wasnt going to post these pictures at all. And then I read something and thought "You'd be a narcissist not to. Maybe someone else can be inspired to feel beautiful today." Thanks @the_slam_hancock for the big slap in the face. You're right, you're SO. RIGHT. And in case no one has told you today, you're fucking gorgeous. I've found myself envious of your eyes, your hair, dem titties, your incredible determination to share your comedy, the strength to move to NY- all of it. Above all else I love your writing and how it inspires me to be a better person, to grow and to love myself. I dont have any idea what I'm doing and that's ok. Check out her blog. It's a damn good one. Let's be honest it's the only blog I read. 🤷‍♀️ https://www.theslamhancock.com/blog/i-don-t-know-the-three-most-underrated-words-of-our-time

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Mandy egyébként séfként dolgozik, a Coloradói Egyetemen tanul, és tavaly megtett egy 2700 lépcsős túrát csak a karjait használva. Az Instagramon @Lifeproofbionicwoman néven dokumentálja az életét.

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It always takes me a while to process what I'm feeling into words. I am especially emotional as I type this- because this year I'm not numb. I completed the incline today with a time of 2 hours and 44 minutes. That is 3 hours less than my first ascent and 2 hours less than my ascent on the way to Pikes Peak. I directly attribute this achievement to my sobriety, the mass of support I've recieved and the inspiration I find in these people around me today. I am overwhelmingly grateful for the opportunity to give back to my community and to continue climbing. I'm thankful to be alive today. A few things I would like to share... Carl Anderson & Kevin Ogo, Thankyou for doing this climb with me and thankyou for bringing me on the team. These things give my life purpose and fulfillment, I really dont know that I would have made it this far in my sobriety on a personal level without Warriors1st & Celebrate life. I had a great day, special thanks for spending your birthday on this little journey. Beth, I am so proud of you for your first ascent of the incline with me today. You are just as strong and just as worthy. Dont forget we share blood. Megan, over the last year I've watched you encounter situations that most would crumble beneath. A time or too I've wondered how you do it all with such fierce determination and passion despite your struggles. You do everything with a grace I can only admire and aspire to achieve. I'm really proud to call you a friend today. I love these photos of us and I will forever love the picture I have with hazel last year. I'm excited to add new ones to the collection! Thankyou for always so freely providing your support, I know things are tough right now, please know I'm here. ❤ Gil, thankyou for stepping up and coming on to help me with media affairs. I have been overwhelmed in the past and it has been remarkable easy to navigate these waters with your help. I'm excited to see the photos you captured today- and I'm very appreciative of your time as well as your wife's patience to let you traipse around with a camera for us 🤣 Thankyou to the Crawford House for allowing me to give back to my community!

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